Siemens Mobility Awarded Infrastructure Maintenance Contract From Metrolinx

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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Courtesy of Siemens Mobility

TORONTO – Siemens Mobility was chosen by Metrolinx for Toronto’s Central Region passenger railway system where it will handle track, signal, and right-of-way maintenance.

Metrolinx chose Siemens Mobility for the Central Region of Toronto’s passenger railway infrastructure system. Siemens Mobility will “handle track, signal, and right-of-way maintenance” for the system, and the partnership “builds upon Siemens Mobility’s existing maintenance services in the West Region and signal and communications services at the Metrolinx Network Operations Center.”

Siemens Mobility brings with it more than 25 years of experience in rail infrastructure maintenance and a local team of experts. By “using its world-class digital tools and software, it will provide Metrolinx with rail infrastructure performance data, ensuring superior service availability around the clock.”

CEO of Siemens Mobility in Canada, Yves Desjardins-Siciliano said “With this announcement, we are excited to strengthen our partnership with Metrolinx, keeping their system running safely, efficiently and sustainably, and providing passengers with reliable and available service 365 days a year. . . Our teams combine experience and expertise in both the real and digital worlds, to assist railways in meeting the needs of today and shaping tomorrow.”

“We are excited to strengthen our partnership with Metrolinx, keeping their system running safely, efficiently and sustainably for a reliable operation for their passengers,” said Johannes Emmelheinz, CEO Customer Services Siemens Mobility. “With a combination of our on-the-ground rail infrastructure maintenance experience and our digital services, we can ensure up to 100% system availability.” 

Siemens Mobility will collaborate with Metrolinx to “mobilize resources including vehicles and large equipment, in preparation for the start of services in the summer of 2024.” With more than four decades of experience in Canada’s transportation industry, Siemens Mobility “has delivered various solutions, from railway infrastructure maintenance in Quebec and Ontario to light rail vehicles in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta. They have also provided modern trainsets for VIA Rail Canada and are set to deliver new trainsets for Ontario Northland in 2026.”

In addition, Siemens Mobility is “working on locomotives for Montreal’s exo and the rail electrification and system maintenance of the light rail transit network in Kitchener-Waterloo. Their extensive footprint includes dispatching services operated from Dorval, Québec, to more than 19 railways across Canada covering over 2,659 miles of track. Siemens Mobility’s comprehensive capabilities support the entire life cycle of projects, contributing to the development of sustainable cities in Canada.”

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