Southwest Light Rail project accused of causing more structural damage to nearby property

Written by RT&S Staff
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Officials conduct a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Southwest Light Rail project, which continues to be plagued with issues.

Met Council and the builders behind the Southwest Light Rail project are being taken to court by a businessman who claims nearby construction caused damaged to a warehouse that he owns.

Steven Savitt owns a 2,250-sq-ft warehouse in the Kenilworth Corridor, where contractors Luna Construction and C.S. McCrossan Construction are working on the transit line, which has a section underground. Savitt wants Metro and the two builders to pay $750,000 in damages.

Savitt said the last tenant of the warehouse left in 2020 because they did not feel safe. Parts of the warehouse walls are separated and there are cracks in the floor. The insurance company representing Metro and the companies has offered to cover 15% of the cost to demo the warehouse and build a new one. Savitt does not think that is enough.

This is the second report of structural damage close to the Southwest Light Rail construction site. Residents in a nearby condo claimed construction activity was behind cracking in their building. Met Council and the residents are now in mediation.

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