Brandt delivers first R4 Power Units and OTM trackers to UP

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

Brandt Road Rail Corporation has delivered the first Brandt R4 Power Units and OTM Trackers to Union Pacific (UP).

Union Pacific has integrated the Brandt Power Unit and OTM Tracker System into its material handling system. Using the OTM Tracker System combined with the R4 Power Unit with its parallel lift deck and specialized trailer, results in mobile productivity and safety, notes Brandt.

Steven Linzmayer, territory manager of Brandt said, “It’s exciting to see the first deliveries of the new R4 Power Unit combined with the OTM Tracker System to Union Pacific. It gives me great pleasure to see how happy the operators and management are when they first sit in the new R4 Power Unit and comment on its improved comfort and the ease of operating with the new Brandt Control System. With the focus on improving the serviceability and maintenance of these R4 Power Units, the production of this newly-designed system is going to be very rewarding for Union Pacific.”

The new R4 Power Unit was designed to provide mobility and versatility, with improvements to operator comfort, serviceability and reliability.

Categories: OFF Track Maintenance, Track Machinery