Crouch Engineering plans expansion

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

Crouch Engineering has plans for expansion, including a top-to-bottom review of personnel and departments. The changes come as a part of the firm's plans for future expansion after more than two decades servicing America's railways.

“We have developed a management structure that takes advantage of our experienced managers’ expertise, while enhancing quality control,” said Harvey Crouch, founder and president.

“Our goal is to improve our clients’ bottom line. We are accomplishing this goal by putting our best people in the best possible positions to improve our overall efficiency and increase our capability to handle a consistently growing client base and workload. Continuous teaching, training and mentoring has become easier with the change in management structure.”

Crouch Engineering has already taken action with the recent addition of a Client Services and Business Development Department. Trey Hart, a University of North Carolina graduate, has been named coordinator.

Adding this department is only the first step in Crouch’s plan for expansion. Future changes include a restructuring of upper management, hiring new engineers and surveyors and growing the company from within through education and training.

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