Port Metro Vancouver marks completion of grade separation project

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

In Vancouver, BC, Canada, Port Metro Vancouver and the government of Canada in have marked substantial completion of the Powell Street Grade Separation project.


The Powell Street Grade Separation project eliminates a busy at-grade crossing between Powell Street and the railway network that serves the South Shore Trade Area (SSTA) and delivers important improvements on a major road in Vancouver, with significant transit, pedestrian, cyclist and vehicular traffic. The total cost of the Powell Street Grade Separation totals CA$50 million (US$46 million). While the project is substantially complete, some finishing work will continue through August.

The SSTA is an important import and export corridor that provides a critical connection to markets overseas. Improvements to transportation infrastructure will allow the SSTA to meet demands in the near, medium and long term, while increasing the capacity and efficiency of port, rail and trucking operations.

The new SSTA projects will help to meet expected growth in rail and road traffic and enhance safety. Benefits will include safer access to terminal facilities for commercial traffic; elimination of rail/road conflicts at 11 rail crossings, improving safety and reducing rail related noise; more efficient and reliable movements of grain for Canadian exporters who use South Shore terminals; improved flow of import and export container traffic to and from container terminals; reduced congestion and increased safety on the local road network; better access for emergency service providers (police, fire, ambulance); safer conditions for cyclists and pedestrians, and increased overall road safety and traffic management.

“Together with our partners, our government has delivered on infrastructure projects along the south shore of Burrard Inlet that will help boost trade between Canada and the Asia-Pacific region,” said Canada’s Minister of Transport Lisa Raitt. “These projects will improve the flow of truck and rail container traffic at Port Metro Vancouver and increase capacity to support our growing trade. Local communities will also benefit from reduced traffic and noise pollution, along with increased safety for pedestrian and cyclists.”

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