BNSF named top military-friendly employer by GI Jobs

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor
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BNSF has been named a 2013 Top 100 Military Friendly Employer by G.I. Jobs.

This marks the eighth time the company has been included in the Top 100 Military Friendly Employers list, which was compiled from a data-driven survey sample of 5,000 companies whose annual revenues exceeded $500 million. Criteria for selection to the Top 100 list included the strength of company military recruiting efforts, the percentage of new hires with prior military service, retention programs and company policies on National Guard and Reserve service.

“As one of the nation’s top employers of military veterans, BNSF is proud to honor our troops for their service to our country and their value as employees,” said Carl Ice, BNSF president and chief operating officer. “Since 2005, we have hired more than 5,000 veterans. These vets embody the principles of railroading, safety mindedness, efficient performance under diverse work conditions, respect for policy and procedures, mission focus, teamwork and service to country.”

BNSF was recognized for its support of military veterans and National Guard and Reserve members with its military recruitment and retention programs. BNSF seeks to hire “military alumni” who are smart, innovative, responsible team players and team builders, traits commonly found in those who have served in the military.

BNSF’s recruitment program provides outreach to service members transitioning from the military to a corporate culture. Its policies and practices such as enhanced and extended benefits, make-whole pay and company-provided sustained health care benefits for deployed service members employees and family members make BNSF an attractive employer to military veterans.

BNSF offers a career web site dedicated to military staffing and a full-time employee, John Wesley, BNSF manager, military staffing and U.S. Army, first sergeant, combat engineer, who is responsible for connecting service members in transition, to career opportunities with BNSF.

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