BNSF’s Triple Track Addition in California

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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Courtesy of BNSF on LinkedIn

FORT WORTH, Texas – BNSF gave an update on capital projects its engineering teams have been working on since spring.

On LinkedInBNSF gave an update on capital projects its engineering teams have been working on since spring. Major mainline track additions are nearing completion with one in California and one in Kansas. In California Division’s Needles Subdivision, BNSF is adding 30 miles of triple track on a 180-mile section from Barstow to Needles. In November 2022, “10 miles of triple track were put into service,” and BNSF also completed “the next 8-mile segment between Homer and Ibis.” By the middle of November, BNSF will complete its final 12-mile segment between West Needles and Ibis.

In the 222-mile Emporia Subdivision on the Kansas Division, BNSF will add a second mainline track. The Class 1 reports that “six miles of Segment 6 (of nine segments) went into service.” Assistant Vice President, Engineering Services & Structures, Craig Rasmussen said: “Our customers will get to enjoy the full utility of both mainlines on Segment 6 starting on Oct. 3, following the final cut-over for this segment. When added to segments 1 through 5, we have a total of 46 miles of new double mainline track so far with this project.”

Once Segment 6 has finished, “the remaining work on Segments 7, 8, and 9 will provide doubletrack between Augusta and Mulvane, Kansas, making the entire Emporia Subdivision’s track expansion complete.” BNSF stated in the post that “these investments combined with others – and the commitment of our team – ensure that we support our customers and keep the freight we all depend on moving through the U.S. and beyond.”

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