Canadian Pacific honoring coronavirus front-line workers daily

Written by David C. Lester, Managing Editor
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An internal rail defect caused a 2019 CP freight train derailment.
Canadian Pacific

Most are aware of the heroic and dedicated work performed around the clock by health care workers and first responders in the daily battle against the coronavirus, which has had its grip on our planet for the past several months. Moreover, many have likely seen various tributes to these front-line workers in the form of neighborhoods around the world singing, playing music, banging pots and pans, and making noise to honor these professionals. The FDNY has even assembled fire trucks at various hospitals and medical centers with emergency lights flashing and sirens blaring.

Canadian Pacific has decided to join this effort, according to the Toronto Sun, by having all locomotives on the railroad, whether they are stopped or are pulling trains, to perform a long blowing of their horns each day at 7 p.m. local time.

Mark Reed, CP’s executive vice -president of operations said “The sounding of CP whistles joins the global movement to recognize critical health-care and frontline workers during these unprecedented times. Our whistles also remind communities of the service the CP family provides North America every day.” This daily recognition will continue indefinitely.

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