Consolidated Fastfrate to join CP at Global Transportation Hub

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Consolidated Fastfrate (CFF), a transportation and logistics services company in Canada, has proposed a 10,000 sq. ft. cross dock facility, co-located with Canadian Pacific's intermodal rail yard, as the first phase of a multi-phased project that would start construction at the Global Transportation Hub (GTH) in the spring of 2012. The 10-acre development is scheduled to be operational on or before fall of 2013. CFF has an option for further expansion.

“The relocation of Canadian Pacific (CP) and its intermodal facility to the GTH is significant to CFF,” CFF Executive Chairman Ron Tepper said. “The relationship with CP started in 1966 and through this partnership over the following 20 years, Fastfrate became the largest boxcar shipper of LTL freight in Canada.”

“In 1998, a co-location program was then created to move Fastfrate from boxcar to intermodal, this required Fastfrate to invest into new facilities across the country and did so with CP intermodal,” added Tepper. “The result today is that Fastfrate has the newest and largest LTL infrastructure, and this has allowed the company to grow to the largest privately owned LTL shipper in the country handling in excess of two billion pounds of freight and over 600,000 shipments annually by rail.”

“In many ways CFF and CP pioneered the intermodal co-location strategy which facilitates streamlined transload processes between trucks and trains,” said CP President and CEO Fred Green. “For a number of customers, including CFF, co-location dramatically reduces costs, lowers transit times and allows for new market growth,” he said.

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