CSX opens new TRANSFLO facility in Westborough

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor
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Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray joined CSX, Town Manager Jim Malloy of Westborough and businesses to celebrate the opening of CSX's TRANSFLO facility in Westborough, Mass.

TRANSFLO, an affiliate of CSX, relocated its bulk commodity transfer facility from Beacon Park Yard in Boston as part of the historic agreement between the commonwealth and CSX to strengthen Massachusetts’ commuter rail and freight network.

“We reached a major milestone in freight and commuter rail service in finalizing the agreement between the commonwealth and CSX,” said Lt. Gov. Murray. “By strategically planning the relocation of the TRANSFLO facility from Beacon Park Yard to this new state-of-the-art facility in Westborough, we are opening up opportunities for improved freight services while supporting businesses in the MetroWest region, commonwealth and across New England.”

The facility receives bulk shipments of commodities, such as, corn syrup, plastic pellets and industrial commodities by rail and transfers them to trucks for delivery to businesses in the commonwealth and New England that do not have a direct rail connection. It is twice as large as its previous Boston facility and is located on the existing footprint of a former automotive terminal owned by CSX. The $20-million investment in Westborough created approximately 106 construction jobs, with plans for eight full-time permanent positions to remain in the yard.

The relocation of facilities from the Beacon Park Yard in Boston to Westborough is part of the agreement between CSX and the commonwealth of Massachusetts first reached in 2009 and completed over multiple phases by October 2012. Through this agreement, the commonwealth and CSX agreed on a comprehensive transportation plan to expand commuter and freight rail service in the, strengthen the state’s transportation infrastructure and improve the state’s position in domestic and international economic markets by enhancing the flow of product shipments.

To support expanded commuter rail service on the Worcester to Boston line, CSX and its affiliates are relocating several facilities from Beacon Park Yard in Boston. In addition to Westborough, CSX is relocating its intermodal operations from Beacon Park Yard to a modern, expanded intermodal facility in Worcester. The company also expanded its intermodal facility in West Springfield.

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