Rail employment down 7.63% from September 2018 to September 2019

Written by David C. Lester, Managing Editor
railroad workers
U.S. railroad employment continues to nosedive

According to Surface Transportation Board statistics, the total number of railroad employees dropped from 148,171 in September 2018 to 136,865 in September 2019. That is 11,306 fewer employees, or -7.63% year over year.

The STB uses six key categories to measure the number of employees each month, and here are the categories and the percentage change for each from Sept. 2018 to Sept. 2019:

Executives, Officials, and Staff Assistants:  -9.38%

Professional and Administrative:  -6.77%

Maintenance of Way and Structures:  -3.11%

Maintenance of Equipment and Stores:  -11.03%

Transportation, Other Than Train & Engine:  -3.32%

Transportation, Train & Engine:  -8.82%

More information can be found at stb.gov.

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