Ray-Mont Logistics announces new pellet export facility to be served by Canadian National

Written by David C. Lester, Editor-in-Chief
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Canadian National still needs to sign off on agreements involving an autoport in Richmond, Minn.
Canadian National

Ray-Mont Logistics is proud to announce that a new, innovative, high tech facility for bagging plastic pellets in containers and shipping them out of the Port of Prince Rupert is currently being built. The project’s first phase is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by the end of August 2019.

Once the first phase is completed, the multi-million dollar facility will improve the speed and efficiency of plastic pellet exports in containers for producers in Alberta served by CN (TSX: CNR) (NYSE: CNI). Having the ability to bag their product locally at the Port of Prince Rupert, the producers will now have direct access to the shipping lines that call on this key Canadian West Coast gateway, accessing the global market.

“This project will reroute and realign the movement of plastics in North America,” said Charles Raymond, president and chief executive officer of Ray-Mont Logistics. “This facility will be a high tech and scalable example of the power of an efficient supply chain. Shippers now have more options than before to access Asian markets without any warehousing or double handling. This unique process is faster and reduces costs for everyone. We would like to thank the Prince Rupert Port Authority and CN for their collaboration in making this vision become a reality.”

“Ray-Mont Logistic’s project is a clear example of how CN is offering its customers the advantage and strength of the Prince Rupert supply chain ecosystem to export to new markets by bagging their pellets directly at the new facility,” explained JJ Ruest, president and chief executive officer of CN. “CN is enabling new export supply chain growth for its customers and Canadian shipping lines. We are proud to be active participants in this project and to be working hand in hand with Ray-Mont, shippers, and the Prince Rupert Port Authority. This CN-supplied export gateway has contributed to securing Canada’s reputation as a reliable and competitive trading partner. We look forward to many more projects to come.”

“The Prince Rupert gateway continues to create new opportunities for Canadian exporters to reach Asian markets, as evident in the 25 percent growth in laden containerized exports year over year in 2018,” said Shaun Stevenson, president and chief executive officer of the Prince Rupert Port Authority. “Ray-Mont Logistics and CN are strong partners within the Prince Rupert gateway and we are pleased to see them develop this capacity providing increased global reach for shippers and a strategic market access opportunity for the future.”

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Source: Canadian National Railway

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