Musket Corp. to pursue pipeline-by-rail at Colorado industrial park

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Musket Corp. will establish a crude-oil export terminal within the Great Western Industrial Park in Colorado on a newly constructed loop track on the Great Western Railway. Due to the abundance of existing infrastructure, the site is easily scalable beyond the initial loading capacity of 5.8 million barrels per year.

“The Windsor facility is a great addition to our service platform, allowing customers to take advantage of the promising opportunities surrounding the Niobrara shale play,” said J.P. Fjeld-Hansen, managing director of Musket Corp., based in Houston, Texas. “Musket was one of the first to make an investment in a pipeline-by-rail terminal in North Dakota’s Bakken shale play, which has become a success. We are excited to extend this strategy to the DJ Basin.”

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Separately, the Great Western Railway will extend its railroad track to complete a four-mile long loop track within the Great Western Industrial Park to serve the Musket facility and other users within the park. The rail loop will add capacity to address the growing demand for rail service.

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