Light-rail project has turned Phoenix into a construction maze, but work progressing nicely

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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Workers continue to make progress on the South Central Extension Downtown Hub project in Phoenix.

With light-rail construction happening throughout the city of Phoenix, drivers are complaining about confusing markings and barriers.

However, Valley Metro is hoping the confusion will subside in the coming weeks as crews continue to work on the South Central Extension Downtown Hub project. One particular trouble spot is an angled intersection at 5th Street and Jefferson across from Chase Field. Drivers often miss a marked stopping point and end up sitting on light-rail tracks. That intersection, however, will be closed come May 13.

Phase 1 is set to be completed in the next couple of days. On May 11 crews were installing special trackwork at the Central Avenue and Washington intersection. That work will continue until July 2.

Phase 2 also will begin on May 13. Jefferson Avenue will be closed from 1st Avenue to

Central and there will be turn restrictions traveling from Washington onto 1st Avenue and Jefferson onto 1st Avenue.

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