Amtrak Requests PTC System Regression Testing Waiver for ACSES II

Written by Kyra Senese, Managing Editor
Jim Blaze photo
Jim Blaze photo

Amtrak has requested a waiver for regression testing of its certified Positive Train Control system, according to a Federal Register notice published on Feb. 2.

On Jan. 6, Amtrak submitted a document entitled ‘‘Advanced Civil Speed Enforcement System (ACSES II) Regression Test Waiver Request,’’ to the Federal Railroad Administration. Amtrak is seeking FRA approval of its request relating to its FRA-certified ACSES II positive train control system on its PTC-equipped track, the document said.

The FRA will consider comments received by April 3. The administration may consider comments received after that date “to the extent practicable” and without delaying the implementation of necessary modifications to a PTC system, according to the document.

Railroads must obtain the FRA’s approval before field testing an uncertified PTC system, or a product of an uncertified PTC system, or any regression testing of a certified PTC system on the general rail system.

Interested parties are invited to provide written comments or data in response to the test request. The FRA will consider any comments or data submitted during its review of the test request. The FRA may, however, choose not to respond to any specific comment, and the FRA retains the authority to approve, approve with conditions, or deny the test request at its sole discretion, the document said.