Brightline Launches New Rail Safety PSA

Written by Kyra Senese, Managing Editor
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Brightline launched a new rail safety campaign Feb. 6, as the agency works to further educate community members on the importance of safety near the tracks.

The message to pedestrians and commuters: “Stopping a bad decision is easy, stopping a train isn’t. Be safe and stay off the tracks,” Brightline said. 

Brightline is asking community members to sign a digital safety pledge as part of the campaign and PSA, with an initial target of 50,000 signatures. The pledge is available on Brightline’s new safety website, which the agency said also offers practical advice and emphasizes the significance of rail safety knowledge. 

Through the launch of Brightline service to Orlando, the campaign and PSA will be primarily promoted through social media and targeted digital advertising, the agency said. 

Operation Lifesaver recently awarded Brightline a $20,000 grant for digital advertising. Brightline will also coordinate with nearby school districts and community partners to expand the agency’s outreach efforts, including airing the new PSA. The agency has made safety information and PSAs available on its safety website in English, Spanish, and Creole.

Three examples are featured in the new Brightline PSA: a driver who ponders driving around the gates, teens who consider attempting to outrun an incoming train, and a jogger who takes off his headphones to hear the warning bells. The three example pedestrians decide to act legally and wisely, waiting until the train has passed and the gates have moved back to their proper position before crossing the tracks.

“Safety is paramount to everything we do, and our local communities are the key to helping us make a difference,” said Ben Porritt, senior vice president of Brightline. “We encourage residents, rail aficionados and social influencers to sign our pledge, share our PSA and spread the word—safety starts with you.”  

As the new safety campaign is being debuted, Brightline is also ramping up high-speed testing from West Palm Beach to Orlando in preparation for opening service to Orlando this year. 

All 156 railroad crossings along the corridor will receive significant safety upgrades as part of Brightline’s Orlando expansion project. New pedestrian gates, signal systems, pavement markings, and roadway profiles are among the updates, Brightline said.