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Invensys Rail on team installing ATC on PATH system

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A consortium of Invensys Rail Corp. (formerly Safetran Systems Corp.), Siemens Mobility and D/A Builders, LLC, will install ATC utilizing advanced Communications Based Train Control technology plus a back-up conventional signaling system on the entire PATH main line network including all central office, wayside and car borne equipment locations.  

Invensys will perform
design services and provide a new vital-processor based interlocking system
utilizing digital track circuits to replace the existing relay based signal
system and track circuits. This system will be integrated with the new ATC
system provided by Siemens Mobility and installed by D/A Builders, LLC.

Kevin Riddett, Corp.
Executive VP for Invensys PLC Executive Leadership Team and President of
Invensys Rail Corp., highlighted the importance of the contract to the company,
saying:  "This is a significant
project in the U.S. and is yet another success for our North American
operations. We are delighted to be given the opportunity to work on such a
high-profile project in one of the world’s most exciting regions."


The $321-million
ATC/CBTC signal system project, approved by the Board of the Port Authority of
NY & NJ in October 2009, will enable PATH to increase system capacity and
improve reliability and efficiency, thus sustaining a high level of service
for PATH’s 250,000 daily passengers.
In addition, the ATC/CBTC system ensures PATH compliance with new
Federal Positive Train Control regulations that take effect December 31, 2015.

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