NRC’s Bell to lead association

Written by Kyra Senese, Managing Editor
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The National Railroad Construction & Maintenance Association (NRC) and Chambers, Conlon & Hartwell (CCH) announced today that Matt Bell will take the helm of the association.

In affiliation with CCH senior partner Don Norden, Bell is set to continue managing the NRC staff team including Chana Elgin and Mike McGonagle as he represents the NRC.

“I’m honored to work in such a great industry as the railroad and railroad construction industry is,” Bell told RT&S. “I think we have a great association; we’ve worked on building up to 425 member-companies and I look forward to continuing the success that we’ve had.”

The announcement comes in the weeks following news that Chuck Baker, former president of the NRC, would resign from his role at the association as of Feb. 4, 2019, to serve as president and CEO of the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association.

CCH said in a statement the organization is honored to continue its lasting relationship with the NRC.

“The NRC is now the premier association representing the entire rail construction and maintenance industry, and we look forward to continuing our association’s successes with our new staff leadership team,” said Mike Choat, NRC chairman of the Board.

The NRC Board, particularly the Executive Committee including Choat, Jim Hansen, Steve Bolte and Chris Daloisio, in a statement expressed confidence in Bell, Mike McGonagle, Chana Elgin and the NRC’s entire Washington, D.C. team.

“The NRC and its 425-plus member companies are well positioned for a successful year,” the association stated.

Bell also noted that some of his priorities include ensuring the association has a successful 2019 NRC Auction and moves forward with its education grant and scholarship programs. He also looks forward to the continued evolution of the association’s marketing strategy to make sure member companies get the best benefit from their membership.

Currently, Bell said he looks forward to furthering the NRC’s efforts to raise awareness of the industry among political leaders as talks of infrastructure funding continue.

“I think an important aspect of the association is our Government Affairs and Grassroots Program,” Bell explained in a phone interview. “In this important, bipartisan or hyper-partisan time in Congress, I think it’s very important to show congressional members from the Democratic side and the Republican side our facilities and let them meet the members in person in their district.”

Bell said such opportunities are a valuable experience for the association’s member companies to ensure the leaders who decide how money gets spent on infrastructure are aware of the importance of the railroad industry and railroad construction supply industry.

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