WSP to become carbon neutral

Written by Andrew Corselli, Managing Editor of Railway Age

Engineering and professional services firm WSP USA recently announced its plan to become carbon neutral throughout its U.S. operations—which includes all offices and employee business travel—in 2019.

To support this initiative, WSP will “actively manage its own greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts, systematically reducing its impact through energy efficiency, transportation and travel efficiency, in addition to sourcing renewable energy. The company will also pursue high-impact carbon offsets.”

The initiative is just one component of an approach to sustainability for WSP, as it also put efforts into emphasizing waste and water management, procurement, the health and wellness of its staff, and community engagement.

“Our carbon neutrality commitment fulfills an important social compact,” said Gregory A. Kelly, President, CEO, WSP USA. “We recognize that, in tune with our clients, taking a leadership role in addressing climate change is a must. For societies and the environment to thrive, we believe that we must hold ourselves accountable for tomorrow.”

“WSP prides itself on creating an environment where our employees can catalyze change,” Kelly added. “Our culture is to empower employees, encouraging them to turn challenges into opportunities and hold ourselves to standards beyond the norm. That is at the heart of this initiative. As our company continues to grow, the impact and influence of our comprehensive carbon neutral practices will have far-reaching benefits beyond our projects and our clients.”

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