BART undertaking critical cable replacement work in Lafayette

Written by David C. Lester, Managing Editor
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BART is working on critical cable replacement.

BART is replacing electrical lines and other support components that are critical for maintaining reliable train service through Lafayette.

BART has already been replacing traction power cables at different locations across the system. BART is reaching out to neighbors about potential construction impacts. The next date this work will impact service is Sunday, January 9, 2022. BART service will be reduced to only one track in Lafayette on that day. Riders should expect delays of 15-20 minutes in the work area.

This critical infrastructure provides power for our trains from the high voltage switching substation and supports redundancy for this portion of the BART system. This equipment is essential for ensuring reliable train service. This 50-year-old electrical infrastructure (part of the legacy system) has exceeded the end of its design life and must be replaced. Loss of power in this section of track without any backup would have major impact on train operations for the entire BART system.

In order to perform this critical job, BART crews have been working nights and weekends to complete the work. Neighbors can expect construction activities under our aerial trackway with the operation of construction equipment.

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