Bids rejected for South Shore Line Double Track project

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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Officials hope to have better bids to act on by late August.

Even after a five-month procurement process and 66 informational packets requested, the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District has tossed two bids for the main construction work on the South Shore Line Double Track project.

F.H. Paschen/S.N. Nielsen & Associates ($399.7 million) and Walsh/Herzog ($424.5 million) were the ones submitting bids, and the NICTD hopes lower estimates can be obtained. The original engineers’ estimate was $228.6 million. The lowest bid by F.H. Paschen/S.N. Nielson was 75% higher. The two submissions were for the main contract, and the scope of work for the project includes the installation of a second set of railroad tracks between Gary and Michigan City, replacement or upgrade of stations and bridges, and to relocate the mid-street tracks in Michigan City parallel to the road.

The railroad is expected to talk to the two bidders and others in an attempt to streamline the project. South Shore President and General Manager Michael Noland wanted to talk to those in the industry on why more companies did not submit bids.

NICTD will now put together new bid requirements with the goal of having bids to act on by late August.

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