Caltrain Announces Start Date for Revenue Electric Service

Written by David C. Lester, Editor-in-Chief
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SAN FRANCISCO –– Last week, we reported that Caltrain was in its final stages of testing it's electric trains sets in anticipation of beginning revenue service this fall. They have now announced the date service will begin.

You can read last week’s story here.

As we reported last week, June 8 & 9 marked another milestone in the Caltrain electrification project. The agency shut down rail service from San Jose to San Francisco for a final round of testing of the electric trains and the system that supports them. All rail service was suspended suspended between San Francisco and San Jose in order for testing to occur.

According to The Almanac, this weekend’s testing was a great success, and the paper wrote “Over the weekend, the transit agency successfully operated eight new electric trains simultaneously on the corridor –– temporarily pausing public trains services in its final corridor test –– and announced that the all-electric fleet is set to go public on September 21.”

Caltrain reported that the simultaneous operation of eight trains mirrored scheduled operations and was a stress test for the system.

Caltrain Executive Director Michelle Bouchard said “I thank our riders for their patience as we completed this necessary construction, and I look forward to September when we can enjoy the benefits of a faster, greener, and quieter Caltrain,” according to The Almanac.

Caltrain pointed out that even though there will not be anymore tests like this one, electric trains will be running empty between now and the fall, as each one is required to travel 1,000 miles before it can beginning carrying passengers.

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