Harsco makes new sale of safety systems to RTD

Written by Kyra Senese, managing editor
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Harsco’s Protran Technology unit, part of the Harsco Rail division, has announced a new sale of safety systems to be implemented in Denver’s Regional Transportation District (RTD) railway fleet.  


The installations are currently set to begin in early 2017 with a targeted completion date occurring in the second half of the year. The specific terms of the order have not been made available.

Harsco will install the Protran Roadway Worker Protection System across RTD’s 400 train units and related track maintenance work crews.

Protran’s Collision Avoidance System, which enforces safe operating distances between railway work equipment, track workers, and restricted areas using real-time distance measures combined with audio-visual alerts, is also set for installation for the on-track equipment.

Harsco says Protran’s Roadway Worker Protection System notifies track maintenance crews when there is a train approaching or other railway vehicle entering the work zone.

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