Amtrak prepares EA to preserve location of possible future tunnel

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

Amtrak has prepared an Environmental Assessment for the construction of an underground concrete casing to preserve a right-of-way for the future expansion of rail service between New Jersey and New York.

The right-of-way preservation is being proposed at this time since a real estate development corporation, under an agreement with the Long Island Rail Road and the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority, is constructing a development in the area above Hudson Yards. This development (referred to as the overbuild project) has all necessary local and state approvals and started construction in the southern portion of Hudson Yards in December 2012.

Amtrak proposes to construct the concrete casing in conjunction with the overbuild project to preserve a viable location as an option for a future tunnel into Penn Station, New York. Once the real estate developer has built the foundations and platform for the overbuild project, it will be infeasible for Amtrak to construct a tunnel underneath the overbuild project. The proposed underground concrete casing involves construction of an underground rectangular structure that is 800 feet long, 50 feet wide and approximately 35 feet high. Amtrak anticipates constructing the proposed project using federal funding.

Categories: Intercity, OFF Track Maintenance