Caltrain Board approves capital budget

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor
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The Monte Diablo Avenue Bridge is one of four Caltrain is working to replace as part of the San Mateo Bridges Replacement Project.

Caltrain's Board of Directors unanimously approved a $43.6-million capital budget, which will provide funding for bridge repair work in San Mateo, new safety improvements on the rail system and station modifications to allow for longer trains.


The capital budget, authorized at the board’s August meeting, is comprised of regional, state and federal grants. It also includes $10.3 million in contributions from Caltrain’s three funding partners: The city and county of San Francisco, SamTrans and the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority.

By approving the capital budget, the Caltrain board assured that critical infrastructure improvements and state-of-good repair work will be carried out. Programs and projects funded by the capital program include design and completion of station modifications to allow for six-car trains; replacement of four San Mateo Bridges; installation of safety fencing along the Caltrain right-of-way and additional onboard improvements; inspection and documentation of load rating for Caltrain’s 103 railroad bridges and coordination planning and management for electrification, which will allow for the implementation of the state’s high-speed rail network.

In June, Caltrain’s board approved a balanced operating budget of $125.7 million. The capital budget was delayed until August while Caltrain awaited word on the availability of federal funding for major Caltrain projects.




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