Sound Transit Celebrates Opening of 8 Stations on 2 Line on April 27th

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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Courtesy of Sound Transit

SEATTLE – In honor of the opening of 8 stations on the 2 Line on April 27th, Sound Transit takes a look back at the construction and thanks its contractors.

Sound Transit is celebrating the opening of 8 stations on its 2 Line occurring on April 27th. According to a news release from the agency, 2 Line trains will run every 10 minutes from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. at 8 stations located between South Bellevue to Redmond Technology. Sound Transit also reports that Mercer Island and Judkins Park Stations along the East Link Extension will open later this year.

Spring District Station in 2023 / Courtesy of Sound Transit
The Bridge over I-405 in 2022 / Courtesy of Sound Transit

Since construction has begun, the work on the East Link Extension includes laying miles of track, completing environmental mitigation, excavating a tunnel under downtown Bellevue, building a new train bridge over I-405, constructing several miles of elevated guideway, and preparing to connect the 2 Line to the rest of the system.

The Downtown Bellevue Tunnel in 2022 / Courtesy of Sound Transit
Testing Trains on the Tracks in 2022 / Courtesy of Sound Transit

As part of the opening on April 27th, Sound Transit thanked its contractors: 

HDR provided construction management support on the East Link Extension for the Bellevue segment and “provided the resident engineer and key management staff to manage contract execution with the contractor.” In addition, they oversaw “project controls, scheduling, field inspection, commissioning, regulation compliance, utility coordination, maintenance of traffic, systems coordination, environmental monitoring and verification, construction safety monitoring and verification, and independent cost estimating.”

In a joint venture partnership, Kiewit and Hoffman worked on a $227 million project that “encompasses two miles of light rail track stretching from Park Place in Bellevue, Washington to Overlake Transit Center in Redmond, Washington.” The project, which finished in 2020, and is part of the Puget Sound light rail network expansion. According to the release, Kiewit and Hoffman developed RFP drawings into constructible IFC drawings with a heavy civil joint venture partner.

Hatch worked on the 2 Line (East Link) project with “the procurement of a fleet of 62 low-floor, light rail vehicles” and supported the purchase “of a second fleet totaling 152 cars.” In addition, Hatch worked daily with Sound Transit’s operations, maintenance, and engineering departments, and King County Metro.

For the H-J-H Final Design Partners joint venture (JV) that is providing the East Link Extension’s final design, HNTB is at the lead. The project itself includes 5 design and construction packages “via several delivery methods: three DBB, one GCCM, and one DB.” HNTB also prepared procurement documents for contract packages and is providing design support.

STV oversaw systems construction for the 2 Line, Northgate Link and Lynnwood Link extensions in collaboration with Mott MacDonald. The joint venture, known as Northwest Transit Systems Partners, provided technical review and construction management services “for the 2 Line’s traction power, communications, signaling and train control systems.” Sound Transit says “engineers and inspectors were involved in overseeing the precise installation and testing of systems according to plans and specifications” and that these “contributions support the efficient and safe operation of Sound Transit’s 2 Line trains.”

Additionally, in working with STV, Mott MacDonald was retained as part of a joint venture. Mott MacDonald was responsible for the project management of Area 2 which includes the Downtown Bellevue Tunnel. In completing a feasibility study, Mott MacDonald assessed the “development of an appropriate tunnel cross-section and excavation sequences and initial support needs based on anticipated ground conditions, assessment of ground movements, impact on buildings and utilities, and final tunnel lining requirements.” These were used to provide accurate cost estimates. Now, Mott MacDonald is reportedly continuing “to refine its design for the tunnel, using laser profiling to establish excavation lines and analyze the use of spray-applied waterproofing membrane and a final lining of steel-fiber-reinforced shotcrete.”

In regard to its partnership with Sound Transit, Parsons Corporation states that it is “proud of its role in delivering the East Link Project – from the light rail guideway to passenger stations – that will create a safer, more efficient, and sustainable experience for riders.”

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