NJ Transit says it will have PTC installed by deadline

Written by David C. Lester, Editor-in-Chief
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NJ Transit Executive Director Kevin Corbett says his railroad will meet 12/31/20 PTC deadline

On January 31, RT&S reported that a New Jersey state auditor report questioned whether NJ Transit would be able to meet the December 31, 2020 deadline for the installation operation of positive train control.

NJBIZ is reporting that Kevin Corbett, the CEO of NJ Transit, said that the agency will meet the 12/31/20 PTC deadline at the monthly NJ Transit board meeting, which was held on Wednesday. One of the reasons the agency fell behind schedule was a software problem with a component of the system which has since been resolved.

Corbett said “I don’t want to prejudge until the FRA (Federal Railroad Administration) gets back to us, because they may have conditions on that, but that would certainly give us an extra month cushion from the schedule that was presented in October.”

Corbett also pointed out the implementation is “a tremendous amount of work. Because it’s not just our 11 lines; it’s interoperability . . .so we all have issues with interoperability with the freight lines. New Jersey has the most complex rail system . . . we have Norfolk Southern, Conrail, Metro-North, Amtrak on the Northeast Corridor, Sunnyside Rail Yard and the Long Island Rail Road. All the systems being integrated on a national level is an incredible challenge. But on our side, we’re getting great support from all the other railroads. And, we are getting fantastic help from the FRA so I am very optimistic.”

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