BART to implement last of inflation-based fare increases July 1

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Bay Area Rapid Transit near San Francisco will implement the last in a series of inflation-based fare increases when fares increase by 1.4 percent. Because BART fares are rounded to the nearest nickel, some fares will remain the same after the increase, including the minimum BART fare of $1.75, and the average fare will go up by five cents.  Fares last increased in July 2009

The 1.4 percent value of the increase is calculated by taking the changes in both national and local inflation and then subtracting 0.5 percent to account for improved BART operating efficiencies. 

Extensive outreach was done to gather public input about this increase, the last in a series of four inflation-based fare increases made between 2006 and 2012. 

BART notes that the resulting additional revenue has been the key to its financial health and continued ability to provide safe, reliable service.

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