Houston METRO board approves station names for new rail lines

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One year and 500 submissions later, the names for Houston, Texas, METRO's East End, Southeast and North Lines have been finalized. The METRO Board of Directors approved the following names for its new light-rail lines:

North Line:
Burnett TC/Casa de Amigos
Quitman/Near Northside
Fulton/North Central
Moody Park
Lindale Park
Melbourne/North Lindale
Northline TC/HCC

Southeast Line:
Theater District
Central Station Main
Central Station Capitol
Central Station Rusk
Convention District
Leeland/Third Ward
Elgin/Third Ward
Robertson Stadium/UH/TSU
UH South/University Oaks
MacGregor Park/MLK
Palm Center TC

East End Line:
Coffee Plant/Second Ward
Altic/Howard Hughes
Cesar Chavez/67th St
Magnolia Park TC

The process started September 2010 with the development of a station-naming policy with the assistance of community advisory boards in each of the corridors and was followed by METRO’s invitation to the public in May 2011 to help name the stations.

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