Maryland Transit Authority evaluating remote sensors for CWR

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

Protran Technology and QinetiQ North America have partnered to provide the Maryland Transit Authority (MTA) with the first real-time network of remote sensors installed on continuous welded rail (CWR) for testing and evaluation.

QinetiQ North America’s Intelligence Rail Integrity System (IRIS) continuously monitors changes in rail temperature, stress and rail neutral temperature. If rail buckling or breaks are detected, IRIS alerts designated personnel to the location of the event via phone or e-mail through its emergency notification system. IRIS can also be used to help prioritize maintenance and establish performance trends of track structure. Protran will provide primary onsite installation and support for MTA.

Jason Lurz, director of rail operations at MTA stated, “The Maryland Transit Administration has been researching technology that would continuously track changes in rail temperature, stress and rail neutral temperature for some time. Protran Technology and QinetiQ have been selected as part of this demonstration project to expand our track monitoring capabilities.”

Al Panuska, superintendent maintenance of way, metro, will be working on the more than 16 locations where the system is scheduled to be implemented.

Categories: C&S, Rapid Transit/Light Rail