Quebec wants light-rail option for Champlain Bridge

Written by Mischa Wanek-Libman, editor

The government of Quebec wants a light-rail option to be included in plans for the new Champlain Bridge in Montreal. The bridge will cross the St. Lawrence River and will link the Island of Montreal to the South Shore, passing through île des Soeurs.

The Quebec Minister of Transport Sylvain Gaudreault said a project office to realize the implementation of light rail has been formed and given a budget of CA$27.8 million (US$27.1 million). The project management office will be assigned to the l’Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT).

M. Nicolas Girard, CEO of AMT, said the light-rail option is a solution that will have a major impact on AMT’s riderhsip growth and matches the agency’s strategic plan, Vision 2020.

The new bridge, which is being funded by the government of Canada, will be located downstream from the existing Champlain Bridge and is expected to open in 2021-2022, followed by the deconstruction of the existing bridge. It is unclear how Quebec will pay for the addition of light rail, but the province did say the line would be electric powered.

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