SFMTA completes property acquisition for Chinatown Station

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The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which manages transportation in the city, said it has completed the acquisition of the property that will be the future home of the Central Subway's Chinatown Station.

The property located at 933-949 Stockton Street, will be secured, signage will be removed and a decorative vinyl wrap will be applied along Stockton and Washington streets.

The vinyl wrap will feature renderings of the future Chinatown Station design, a Chinese mural provided by the Chinese Historical Society of America and artwork provided by students from the Chinatown YMCA. The wrap will remain in place until the building is demolished later this year to protect the vacant building from vandalism and enhance its appearance.

The Central Subway Project has contracted with Ferrari Color, a local, registered city vendor, to install the wrap. Installation of the wrap, as well as other work to secure the building and prepare it for demolition, will begin Feb. 24 and continue through mid-March.

The final design of the Chinatown Station has been completed, and the SFMTA plans to advertise the contract for constructing the station by the end of February.

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