TriMet’s MAX Blue Line improvements project is underway

Written by Tyler Graf, TriMet
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TriMet will be doing a number of closures in the month of September for its MAX system project.

TriMet’s MAX Blue Line Improvements project is underway now through May 23, 2021.

Multiple improvements are happening throughout our oldest light rail line. From replacing rail, just 20 feet in some areas and more than 2,600 feet in the curved trackway west of the Hollywood Transit Center, to adding new concrete rail ties in that area, this will improve the durability of the trackbed and make the ride smoother. We’re making other improvements as well, including replacing two heavily used switch machines at Gateway Transit Center and rebuilding rail crossings inside the transit center where buses cross MAX tracks.

Much of the work is being done in overnight hours or in a way that it doesn’t disrupt MAX service. However, there will be some days where trains will run on a single track in both directions on the west side of the MAX system. There will also be a few times, stretching from two days to nine days, when shuttle buses will replace trains in areas.

TriMet will alert riders in advance when the MAX Blue Line Improvements project affects service. Before making trips, we suggest checking for the latest information. Those who prefer email or text message can sign up to receive notifications in their inbox. Riders planning to use TriMet to reach their vaccination appointment will want to give themselves even more time to ensure they reach their appointment ahead of their scheduled time.

For more information on the MAX Blue Line Improvements project, go to our website at

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