L.A. looking at public-private partnerships to get light rail ready for 2028 Olympics

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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L.A. Metro finishes decking for future Beverly Hills subway station seven months early.
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If Los Angeles is going to host the 2028 Olympics, the city knows its light-rail system has to meet qualifying marks. Los Angeles Metro Senior Executive Officer Rick Meade attended the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPP) annual conference in Toronto over the weekend and says private investment could be the way to go to expand light rail.

There are three main projects: a 20-mile West Santa Ana Branch project, a 9-mile job in East San Fernando Valley and the Sepulveda Pass project. Meade told attendees at the CCPPP meeting that officials have not made a final decision regarding public-private partnerships, but the idea is definitely on the table.

To get ready for the Olympics, Los Angeles has engaged in a “Twenty-Eight by ’28” initiative consisting of 28 projects, which could be started and completed by the 2028 Games. Meade says officials are hoping to complete as many of the 28 as possible over the next eight years, and that phasing these projects is a definite possibility because it is less costly and will take less time.

Meade says an intense community involvement process is currently taking place so that all concerns are taken into consideration and a clear line of communication is established.

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