Canadian government to fund signal upgrades at Quebec crossing

Written by Mischa Wanek-Libman, editor
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Transport Canada

The government of Canada, through its Rail Safety Improvement Program, is contributing CA$335,000 (US$255,043) to upgrade the signal system of a Quebec grade-crossing.

“With [more than] 40,000 km (24,800 miles) of track, the rail system connects Canadians by moving people and goods across the country every day. That’s why the government of Canada supports projects that improve safety, the economy and the movement of goods and people,” Transport Canada said in a release announcing the funds.

The crossing is at Route 116 and Benoit Road in Mont-St-Hilaire, Quebec. The warning system will be upgraded so that it can continue to safely manage incoming traffic from multiple directions. Transport Canada explains that this will allow sufficient time for vehicles to clear the rail crossing; prevent vehicles from entering the crossing when the signal starts to flash and reduce the risk of collision between trains and vehicles.

Almost half of all railway-related deaths and injuries in Canada result from accidents at crossings. The government says its investment in the Rail Safety Improvement Program keeps Canadians safe and the railway system functioning at its best. This year, Transport Canada is funding two public education and awareness activities, 103 infrastructure projects, including 98 grade-crossing improvements across the country and five technology and research projects.

“Rail safety is my top priority. A safe and secure national rail transportation system is important to local communities and to Canada’s economic well-being,” said Marc Garneau, Canada Minister of Transport. “We are working closely with railway companies and road authorities to identify grade crossings that require safety improvements. With this investment we are aiming at reducing the risk of collision between trains and vehicles.”

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