FTA Requires New Work Plan from MBTA in Letter

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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MBTA Commuter Train

WASHINGTON –The Federal Transit Administration requires the MBTA to submit a new safety work plan that addresses their concerns more quickly than MBTA's original deadline.

On May 19th, the Federal Transit Administration sent the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority a letter ordering them to resubmit their Right of Way Rules Compliance and Safety Work Plan. 

In the letter, the FTA cites MBTA’s current plan is “insufficient” after the MBTA responded to an Immediate Action Letter sent from the FTA back on April 18th. MBTA’s original Work Plan included maintenance completion dates well into 2024. Instead, the FTA requires “right of way (ROW) safety processes and procedures within the next 60 days”. 

Moreover, the letter mentions the FTA will schedule a follow-up within the next week of the letter being sent to “identify and distinguish the immediate actions that will be reviewed, approved, and tracked from the longer-term actions that MBTA may take”. The FTA goes on to say that if MBTA fails to comply with a proper Work Plan, they will lose ROW access.

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