BNSF has had it with preservation efforts for Bismark-Mandan Rail Bridge

Written by David C. Lester, Editor-in-Chief
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Final EIS on BNSF bridge has been released.
Bruce Kelly

The historic Bismark-Mandan rail bridge is once again in the news.

Railway Track & Structures has reported on preservation efforts for the Bismark-Mandan Rail Bridge twice this year – once in January and once last month. Please take a look at those articles for good background information on this story.

Last Thursday, BNSF sent an eight-page letter to the Coast Guard authored by Mike Herzog, BNSF’s director of bridge maintenance, with the message that, among other problems, the preservation group trying to save the bridge has been unable to raise the money needed, and that the group doesn’t even have a public partner to help. Therefore, BNSF asked the Coast Guard to begin the process of removing the bridge.

While discussions among the various groups are continuing, it appears that BNSF is running out of patience.

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