Metrolinx’s Maple GO Station Construction Update

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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Courtesy of Metrolinx

TORONTO – Metrolinx’s gives an update on construction progress at its Maple GO Station along the Barrie Line.

Yesterday, Metrolinx gave an update on construction progress at its Maple GO Station. Along the Barrie Line, there is construction to allow for service between Toronto and Barrie. Metrolinx’s GO Expansion program has been covered extensively at RT&S, and this increase in service will allow for trains to run every 15 minutes between Bradford GO and Union Station and every half hour to Allandale Waterfront GO.

There will be a new southeast and northeast platform structure that will reach the west platform that riders can access. Crews are pouring concrete at the southeast platform structure while crews are conducting electrical and mechanical work. Once those are completed, construction will move toward building the elevator and stairs. In addition, the northeast structure is prepped “with forms that will shape a concrete pour that will create the ground floor.”


Construction has also progressed on a wall on the corridor’s west side. A wooden formwork that “acts like a mould for concrete to cure into the shape of a permanent wall” is required to be done before concrete can be poured to create the parapet wall. The wall will separate the public from the corridor. The formwork, below, “is reusable and moves to the next section for another concrete pour.”


Farther along, crews are removing debris with excavators for the new west track. Once the ballast material and sub-ballast are installed, “the tracks are put in place and secured with concrete ties.”

To celebrate its customers, Metrolinx also held a customer appreciation day on August 8th where refreshments were handed out and Metrolinx employees answered questions about the station. 

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