Texas Central still has a pulse, but residents and landowners demand answers

Written by RT&S Staff
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Texas Central recently paid back taxes in several counties where construction will take place.
Texas Central

Landowners involved in Texas Central’s high-speed rail line from Dallas to Houston fired out a flare recently to see if there was any life out there.

Apparently, there is, and it could be a sign that Texas Central remains actively involved in constructing high-speed rail in Texas. Attorneys of the property owners sent a letter to Texas Central wanting to know the current status of the project. The attorneys claimed residents and landowners were locked in a state of what to do next, and that they should be able to return to normal life if the project was not going to happen. The letter also contained 20 questions the attorneys said residents and landowners had a right to get answered. If the questions were not addressed there was a threat to seek a Rule 202 deposition so that residents and property owners could seek the answers themselves.

Attorneys for Texas Central dismissed the Rule 202 threat and refused to reply to the 20 questions.

However, property tax records show some signs of life for the high-speed rail project. Back taxes in seven counties involving the route have been paid in full. With the tax issue now mostly resolved Texas Central could attract investors.

Texas Central is still without a CEO, and mail sent to the company’s Dallas office is being returned undeliverable.

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