Rocks fall from railroad bridge in Austin, Texas; UP responds immediately

Written by RT&S Staff
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Union Pacific

When he got up on the morning of Aug. 8, David Starr had no thoughts of being an emergency flagger.

However, he quickly found himself in that role when rocks fell on his windshield and car after traveling under a railroad bridge on North Lamar Boulevard in Austin, Texas. Immediately following the incident, Starr got out of his car and started directing traffic around where the rocks dropped down. Police came and officially shut down the lane, which was later reopened to traffic.

Union Pacific was out at the site on Aug. 9 ready to make necessary repairs to the rail bridge at West Third Street and North Lamar Boulevard to prevent debris from falling in the future. The Class 1 company did say the bridge was structurally sound. The work is expected to be complete by Aug. 11.

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