Report: More BART projects are active than ever before

Written by RT&S Staff
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Money has been invested in more than 150 BART projects.

There are now more rebuilding projects happening across the BART system than at any point in the District’s 50-year-history despite the continuing impacts of the global pandemic.

That’s one of the conclusions in a newly released report on BART’s Measure RR rebuilding program that was presented to the BART Board of Directors at its meeting on Aug. 25.

The independent Measure RR Bond Oversight Committee’s new annual report said through March 2022 $1.26 billion in Measure RR funds were invested in a total of 150 projects. Measure RR is now in its fifth year of what is expected to be a 20-year lifespan of work. Yet 35% of all anticipated work has been completed. That is well ahead of projections made by BART in 2016 when Measure RR was approved by district voters. Work has been progressing despite issues with global supply chains and availability of workers because of the pandemic.

The independent oversight committee wrote that based on its review of projects and data presented by BART staff that “BART is delivering rebuilding projects in a timely manner, those projects are enhancing the reliability and safety of the system, and the work is being pursued in accordance with industry best practices.”
Work completed to this point includes:
*Replacement of 42 miles of worn rail;
*31 track switches replaced;
*46 miles of 34.5kV cable have been replaced to ensure trains have a reliable source of power; and
*Enhancement of 59 miles of third-rail coverboard.

As of March, a total of 36 Measure RR projects had been completed, up from 22 last year.

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