MBTA Orange Line shutdown began on Monday – how did it go?

Written by David C. Lester, Editor-in-Chief
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So far, MBTA Orange Line 30-day shutdown going smoothly.

RT&S recently reported on the month-long shut down of the Orange Line, which began on Monday, Aug. 22.

As the day began, no one really knew how smoothly things would go. However, according to Boston.com, about mid-day, MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak said that everything was running well.

Poftak said, “This is really the first Monday, the first weekday for the T to gauge how our alternative service plans are serving riders, and I would say we’re cautiously optimistic that things are going relatively smoothly.”

Work crews appeared to have a productive weekend, as old track was removed and rail replacement was done over the southbound tracks between the Downtown Crossing and State Street stations.

Other sections of the Orange Line were being worked at the same time, with workers demolishing old track and replacing it with new, upgrading lighting in several stations, and other work, according to Boston.com.

Poftak said, “We have an active work zone up and down the Orange Line, and we are taking full advantage of these 30 days of unencumbered access to the Orange Line to get lots of important work done. We are just getting started.”

While passengers move to buses and commuter rail on Monday seemed successful, Poftak sounded a cautionary note: “To be realistic, we are going to find differing conditions than we expected on certain projects. Although we have a plan, I’m sure that plan is going to be adapted over time.”

RT&S will continue to cover the work progress on the Orange Line repair work.

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