AAR’s Damage Prevention & Loading Services completes TTCI integration

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The Damage Prevention & Loading Services (DP&LS) group will be fully integrated into the Association of American Railroads' Transportation Technology Center subsidiary next year.

“Beginning January 1, 2012, DP&LS will become a business unit of TTCI,” said Semih Kalay, senior vice president, technology, in charge of DP&LS. “Gary Held will continue as DP&LS director, managing both the closed car and open top loading programs.”

DP&LS conducts programs and provides services for the benefit of railroads, shippers and suppliers toward the goal of safe and damage‐free freight transportation. DP&LS conducts impact tests, laboratory tests and rail environment simulation tests associated with boxcar, intermodal, automotive and open top loading applications. Approved methods are published as industry standards for the loading and transport of freight by rail.

“The availability of evaluative tools and facilities at Transportation Technology Center in Pueblo makes the transition a good fit for developing industry freight loading standards for use by railroad customers,” said DP&LS Director Gary Held.

In support of automotive damage prevention, DP&LS performs audits at motor vehicle loading and unloading facilities and presents training workshops for railroad, contractor and automotive manufacturer personnel involved in vehicle handling/shipping and maintenance of multilevel equipment.

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