FRA releases preliminary alternatives to upgrade NEC

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor
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The Federal Railroad Administration released the Northeast Corridor (NEC) Future Preliminary Alternatives Report. The report presents the process used to develop 15 Preliminary Alternatives that represent a wide range of possible futures for the NEC.

The Preliminary Alternatives are study concepts that will be tested and refined to form a smaller set of Reasonable Alternatives for detailed evaluation.

The Preliminary Alternatives are organized within four different program levels, each of which presents a different vision for the NEC. The levels vary from modest capital investment and service options to dedicated high-speed rail and robust regional service. At each level, the alternatives present different service options, including new types of service to increase frequency, minimize travel time or increase the number of “one-seat rides” available on the system, as well as providing improved connections to off-corridor markets.

All 15 Preliminary Alternatives include improvements to the existing NEC spine. Several of the alternatives include concepts for new routes with off-corridor segments. These are representative routes intended for further study and refinement.

To view the report click here.

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