Hatch Mott MAcDonald to be split between Hatch and Mott MacDonald

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

The Hatch Mott MacDonald (HMM) joint venture between Hatch and Mott MacDonald will be separated and integrated into the parent companies by early 2016.


HMM’s Canada business will become part of Hatch, while its U.S. business and Pipelines business will join Mott MacDonald. Hatch says the move to integrate HMM’s Canadian operation will add nearly 1,000 new engineers and infrastructure professionals to Hatch’s Canadian and U.S. offices.

“Globally, there is a huge need for infrastructure that is smarter, greener, more efficient and integrated, to serve the needs of communities,” said Hatch Chief Executive Officer John Bianchini. “HMM’s team of experts have delivered some of Canada’s most exciting and innovative public and private infrastructure projects. By adding these capabilities to our existing expertise, we can leverage our strengths and provide the innovative engineering solutions that our clients need today.”

Nick DeNichilo, Hatch Mott MacDonald’s chief executive officer, will continue to lead the Hatch Mott MacDonald business until the company separation is concluded. At that point, DeNichilo will become president and CEO of Mott MacDonald in North America. Hatch Infrastructure in North America will be led by Michael Schatz, managing director of Infrastructure and Hatch Board Director Martin Doble will remain global lead for Hatch Infrastructure.

“Hatch is committed to smarter urbanization and supply chains,” said Doble. “We look forward to working with our client partners to develop more sustainable and resilient cities, connected for global trade. Through innovative ideas, technologies and approaches, we can build smart infrastructure that contributes to economic growth and improves quality of life.”

“Our engineering and consulting practice is extremely strong across Canada and this transition will allow us to foster even closer connections with our colleagues within Hatch across the globe, particularly with our global infrastructure business,” said Schatz. “This will give us more depth and resources to support our clients and to help ensure that our current and growing scale of projects are delivered seamlessly during this transition period.”

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