Massachusetts five-year capital plan puts spotlight on infrastructure investment

Written by Mischa Wanek-Libman, editor
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In this image from 2009, Governor Patrick and Rep. John Olver speak while the commuter rail goes by.
Eugena Ossi/Governor's Office.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick unveiled his Fiscal Year (FY) 2013-2017 Capital Investment Plan, which he said continues the Patrick-Murray Administration's efforts to support long-term economic growth and stimulate job creation by calling for significant investments in higher education, transportation, economic development, housing and other infrastructure and assets.

“These investments will ensure that we continue on the path to economic recovery by laying the foundation for long-term growth,” said Governor Patrick. “By investing in education, infrastructure and innovation, we are creating jobs and building a better and brighter Commonwealth for the next generation.”

The FY13-17 Capital Investment Plan makes strategic investments in the commonwealth’s long-neglected transportation system. Projects include:

* The purchase of and improvements to rail tracks along the Framingham/Worcester line, to allow greater opportunities for MassDOT to improve and increase service between Boston and Worcester;

* $51 million in FY13 funding for MassDOT to continue work already underway on the Green Line extension in Somerville;

* $5.4 million in FY13 for the Springfield Union Station Parking Garage, featuring the construction of a 480-space parking garage used in conjunction with the proposed development of the Union Station Regional Intermodal Transportation Center, a $45 million project with multiple funding sources;

* $200 million for Chapter 90 municipal road and bridge projects, an $80 million increase over the annual funding level when Governor Patrick took office.

“As we continue to support the Commonwealth’s long-term economic growth and sustainability, our administration is committed to making strategic investments that will yield positive results now and in the future,” said Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray. “The projects in the Capital Plan will help improve the state’s infrastructure and continue to create significant new jobs in regions across the state.”

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