NY state grant to help build rail siding

Written by Kyra Senese, managing editor
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From left, Town of Schoharie Supervisor Chris Tague, NY State Sen. James Seward and Hoober Feeds Partner-Owner Tom Nauman.
Office of New York State Senator James L. Seward

State Sen. James L. Seward, representatives from Hoober Feeds and officials from Schoharie County announced a $200,000 state grant Feb. 26 that will pay for improvements to the rail line in Central Bridge, the New York State Senate announced.  


The funding Seward secured will be used to install rail siding along Norfolk Southern rail and is intended to allow Hoober Feeds, a feeds and services provider in animal agriculture, to receive ingredients via rail.

Seward said maintaining modern, functional infrastructure is key as businesses compete and grow.

“This $200,000 grant will pay immediate dividends by boosting employment at Hoober Feeds and will create additional expansion opportunities at other Schoharie County businesses,” Seward said. “This project has the added bonus of enhancing two heritage industries –agriculture and freight rail – that have meant so much to our region.”

Hoober Feeds President Bradley Wagner described the rail siding project as being vital to expanding the company’s operations in the county.

“Senator Seward’s support is greatly appreciated and will help us build on our commitment to providing high quality feeds to hard working farmers,” Wagner said. “We are dedicated to the agriculture industry and this grant allows us to take another step forward in providing affordable feed and eventually food to our country. We are thankful for the warm welcome extended to Hoober Feeds from Senator Seward, Supervisor Tague, and our neighbors in and around Schoharie County. We work in a great industry with great folks.”

Town of Schoharie Supervisor Chris Tague said carrying out upgrades to the town’s infrastructure will help local businesses succeed as Schoharie businesses and residents work to compete economically with other parts of the state and the country.

“Senator Seward is a strong proponent of growth in Schoharie County and this grant is another prime example of his consistent support,” Tague said. “I look forward to continuing to partner with Senator Seward to keep Schoharie moving forward.”

Seward said he has consistently partnered with businesses and local economic agencies throughout his district.

“State government must work with our job creators to increase opportunities for growth – by investing state dollars where there is a demonstrated need and by advancing policies that lower the cost of doing business and encourage economic development,” Seward added.

The grant is made available through the New York State Department of Transportation multimodal program and will be administered by Schoharie County, officials said.

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