Sound Transit marks first anniversary for U Link, light-rail ridership increases

Written by Maggie Lancaster, assistant editor
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Sound Transit launched light-rail service to Capitol Hill and Husky Stadium, contributing to an 89-percent growth in average weekday ridership on Link from February 2016 to February 2017.

Sound Transit also noted that weekend ridership on Link is also strong, averaging 39,400 on Saturdays and 29,200 on Sundays—a 73-percent increase since last year. In February alone, 1.5 million people rode light rail—a 78-percent increase for the month compared to last year.

“The demand for light-rail service—during the work week and weekends—is proof that investments in its continued expansion is critically needed,” said Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff. “Light-rail expansions now and in the future will provide a vital regional transit network that is essential to supporting population growth, jobs and a robust regional economy.”

During the fourth quarter last year, the University of Washington and Capitol Hill stations accounted for 16,000 of 65,600 average weekday boardings on Link.

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