Quebec Bridge Ownership Transferred to Government of Canada

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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Quebec Bridge
Courtesy of Jiaqian AirplaneFan via Wikimedia Commons

QUEBEC – A retrocession agreement with CN has ended, and ownership of the Quebec Bridge has transferred to the Government of Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the agreement with CN to “repatriate this essential and historic infrastructure to the federal government and support its long-term viability.”

The Government of Canada stated the “sustainability of this century-old bridge will be guaranteed and that users will be able to benefit from it safely for many more decades to come.” To finalize the transfer, surveying work must take place. Then, the Government of Canada will establish a rehabilitation program in order to ensure sustainability of the corridor. The bridge links communities on either side of the St. Lawrence River.

Rehabilitating the bridge will seek to maintain a balance between improving the appearance and the long-term viability. According to the release, the program will comprise of steel repair and replacements and painting bridge elements that are prone to corrosion. Over the next 25 years, Canada will invest around C$40 million through the program.

CN will pay the Government of Canada user fees for the bridge’s life, “subject to certain essential conditions.” Under the agreement with CN, the Government of Canada will also take over any current terms and conditions between CN and the Government of Quebec “regarding the use, management, and maintenance of the road deck of the Quebec Bridge.”

CN and the Government of Quebec still “retain responsibility for and ownership of the rail and road decks on the bridge structure, respectively, and will be responsible for all costs associated with these decks, as is currently the case.” This plan enables investments to be made to allow for an extension of the bridge’s lifespan and improvement of its appearance.

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