Railroad Software Launches FRA Compliant Bridge Inspection Software

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bridge inspection software
Railroad Sofware

Railroad Software has launched bridge inspection software within its TrackAsset application for the electronic capture of bridge inspections for the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) compliance.

TrackAsset provides visibility for all chief engineers, bridge managers, and maintenance of way employees to easily track upcoming inspections and generate work orders to complete the inspections.

“We’re very excited to get the bridge inspection program integrated into TrackAsset, which will allow our clients to visualize their bridge details and perform their annual inspections in real time. Our current customers have experienced an immediate benefit by using mobile devices to record inspection data and create FRA reports,” said Jeff Birmingham, P.E and CEO of Railroad Software. “As we add this to our FRA approved signal and crossing inspection technology it gives us a holistic system that covers up two of the biggest needs in the rail industry.” Railroad Software currently has multiple short line railroads using the software, who collectively have in excess of 3,000 miles of track-based assets.

Railroad Software, based in Cumming, GA, began operations in 2012. The company currently provides yard management software through their RTMS product in addition to managing FRA compliance through their TrackAsset and TrackHOS products.

For more information on Railroad Software and its products, visit railroadsoftware.com or call 1.800.619.3625.

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